Close an Delaware C-Corp without paying franchise tax?

Myself and a partner registered for a delaware C-Corp and a bank account for an online business 2 years back. We never really used the account nor did the business kicked off. Not a dime went through it, not a single transaction happened. We didnt have any registered clients nor did any business.(We dont even have the online website domain registered to us) I am from South Asia and myself and partner are not citizens of US. 1. Will the corporate dissolve itself? 2. Will it reflect on the personal credit history or any sort of history of misconduct? I dont mind legally dissolving it by incurring the cost in few months time. But I need to know if it will reflect on my credit history or misconduct history of any sorts.

EDIT: I learnt that the company will be voided. Will that have any implications on personal records?


asked Mar 2 '18 at 12:36
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