Where do companies like WhatRunsWhere get their data?


I'm looking to build something similar for our in-house marketing campaigns and having a tough time figuring out how they do it.

Basically, companies like WhatRunsWhere, AdBeat, and MixRank let you do:

  • Search by an advertiser's domain and see all the sites they are running their ads on, the actual text and banner ads they use, etc.
  • Search by a publisher and see which advertisers advertise on their website.

The first thing that comes to mind is that they crawl all the web many times a day to keep a track of these ads -- but that seems nearly impossible as each refresh loads a different advertiser.

Are there any public/paid APIs they likely use to run their services?

Any idea on this would really help us build out our own internal service.

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asked Jul 2 '14 at 01:25
Alicia Karg
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Ideas Competition API Data Competitors