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So we have a web-based application for eBay sellers. We are going to launch an affiliate program. We're using what appears to be an excellent affiliate program provider.

We've also had many users who love the product inquiring about participating in the soon-to-be-announced affiliate program. They want to tell friends about us and get credit. Unfortunately our back-end right now isn't setup to handle that ourselves. We looked at our provider and there are certain requirements for traditionally defined affiliates that seem to have it not make sense or even be setup to handle consumers signing up to participate under their program.

It got me to thinking whether there's a "traditional" affiliate program (or some other type of program provider) that provides the infrastructure for general consumers to participate and generate commissions based on their referrals too. So we could pay users commissions for referrals without having to setup all the infrastructure ourselves?Does anyone know of anything like that?

Appreciate any recommendations.

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asked Apr 1 '10 at 06:04
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  • This question interests me as well. +1 – Ape Inago 7 years ago
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Have you looked into using zferral?

answered Dec 12 '10 at 13:26
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  • Never heard of them but I will check them out. Thanks for the suggestion. – Chris 7 years ago
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