How to enable customer login giving access to personal page?


I would like to build a website that will let visitors register and get access to their own personal admin page.

So user #1 will input his login and password and get access to his admin page with his parameters. User #2 will see his own parameters, etc.

Ideally I would like a ready-made solution. Is this possible with a wordpress or joomla theme, or with additional plugins? and if yes, how do you recommend to achieve this?

The solution might be obvious to you... but it is not to me.

Any hint is much appreciated.

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asked Feb 4 '12 at 20:05
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  • To whoever is downvoting or closing this question: this is a genuine question, and I can't see why you would want to close it. Perhaps the question is unclear... As you can see i have been participating to this forum for a while and helped others. – Tucson 6 years ago
  • I will comment just to not let you live in the dark: "Enable customer login giving access to personal page" is not a question. "Is this possible with a wordpress or joomla theme, or with additional plugins?" is a question that is a) off topic b) not constructive and with obvious answer "Yes it is possible". – Ross 6 years ago
  • @Ross I appreciate you took the time to advise me. Thanks. – Tucson 6 years ago
  • Yeah, I wasn't the one downvoting, but I have to agree this feels like more of a development question than a question about startups. You'd likely get better results asking this question over on Stack Overflow. – rbwhitaker 6 years ago
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