Free alternatives to Boomerang, Streak, Right Inbox, etc?


I love the features they provide but are there any free alternatives the provide the same or close enough functionality?

Here is what I'd like a tool to do:

  • Track and tell me when an email I send is opened
  • Ability to schedule an email to be sent later
  • Remind me if a recipient doesn't open my email within a specified time

I've tried a few plugins but none of them come close to what these paid services provide

Email Boomerang Streak Right Inbox

asked Feb 11 '14 at 09:09
Joseph Mariotti
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mxHero Toolbox

It's does everything like Boomerang and allows unlimited use... free for up to 3 users per Google app domain.

It's been free for a while since I believe they're in beta. They'll likely make it to into a paid service like Boomerang down the line.

If you have 3 or less people on your team, then fits your needs. If not, Boomerang really is worth the nominal price they charge.

answered Feb 11 '14 at 10:25
Chrissie Gray
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