How to get my credits as freelance designer?

I've been doing some design work as outsource for the client x who lives in US. I'm currently live in Europe, Romania. Over the past half of the year I delivered a lot of designs for my employer clients. Some of them are available in open sources and and are everywhere in the web. I wasn't given any credit. And I don't have a contract only NDA. NDA is mostly common but without the termination date. Just prohibiting everything as it seems. The client's site declares that that person designed all work himself. My client always insist on confidentiality of my work for him. But the results are publicly available and he claims everywhere that he did it. I'm desperate since I don't know what legal rights l have doing the outsource work for that client. Please give me a piece of advice!

asked Mar 14 '18 at 19:58
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