Where can I learn about selling ads on my website without getting bombarded with advertising?


I intend to sell small banner ads as well as job ads on my site. The job ads I'm less worried about because I can look at similar publications, get their rate cards and price myself according to my traffic. I have no idea on where to even begin pricing banner ad spots.

I have read about some of the terms, but whenever I try to find numbers, real numbers not just % change over the last year, the author is usually trying to sell me their service.

Where can I find objective data and information for how to price banner ads?

My inclination is to go by Page Views which I think translates to CPM?

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asked Oct 23 '09 at 03:50
Rob Allen
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take a look at advertising on facebook, and google. You do not actually have to advertise with them but you can get a feel for how much they charge. Facebook recommends around $.30-$.50 per thousand impressions (CPM)

Other ways to do it is charge per month which is what a lot of sites do. you can take a look at buysellads to get some ideas about what people are charging.

answered Oct 23 '09 at 04:00
Cory Mathews
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  • Am I correct to roughly equate page views on a specific page with impressions? – Rob Allen 8 years ago
  • yes a page view is an impression. – Cory Mathews 8 years ago
  • just to note: a "hit" is not a page view, a if you have 20 images on a page you will have 1 hit for each image plus 1 for the page itself. – Cory Mathews 8 years ago
  • Hits are so 1998. – Rob Allen 8 years ago
  • in your opinion would a site publisher using the BuySellAds monthly style be able to get more or less by going directly to potential advertisers? – Rob Allen 8 years ago
  • I think buysellads charges 25% (don't hold me to that) They however are in a very small niche so they may actually generate more ad sells, but I would say that in general most sites like them would not. – Cory Mathews 8 years ago
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