Looking for suggestions and tactics to target news releases for a new web site


As we continue to build and refine the media strategy associated with the launch and post-launch media plan for our new web site this summer, I've used the questions and answers on the site on resources to help with news releases - and that's been helpful.

I'm thoughtful now on how to best craft our news releases so they're of value to the intended audiences. My view is the more narrowly we can define the messages and focus the distribution, the more likely we are to be of interest and resonate. I really do NOT want to spam a bunch of random journalists and bloggers.

I want to avoid the "me, me, me" company centric releases along the lines of "The Widget company is pleased to announce release 7.3 of Widgetorama and we've spent 82 person years developing the code and it's really really good"

Instead - I'm looking to focus on specific value propositions for various niche audiences. "Banking clients reduced operating expenses by 4% by implementing the newest release of Widgetorama." and then finding ways to deliver these targeted niche value propositions to those who care the most. In this hypothetical example, I'd be inclined to use Technorati to find bloggers who are respected for their efforts around Banking and to use Google to find traditional journalists who cover Banking, e.g, American Banker.

I'm also looking for advice on and examples of good "leads" or "hooks" for the news releases so that they generate interest.

Are there downsides of using some of the free PR distribution services? It looks like they can help a bit with targeting but I"m not sure. It also at least appears like they could help with SEO but that's also not clear.

I'd welcome thoughts and suggestions on this approach and in particular on resources that can help with this "niche targeting" approach.


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asked Jun 12 '10 at 02:13
Warren E. Hart
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For some ideas, read Promotion (chapter 13) of 37 signals getting real (or read the entire book online for free)

answered Jun 12 '10 at 04:38
Jim Galley
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