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I am about to complete a working prototype of an application which is targeted towards other businesses. My strengths lie towards the technical side of the solution, hence would like to partner with someone who is more equipped for product marketing and lead generation. I am not interested in hiring companies which offer such solutions.
My queries are:
1.>How to find such individuals, is there a known platform where I can try to communicate with them, I am looking into linkedin, but not successful so far.
2.>What is the standard percentage share for such roles, I am happy to include him/her as a partner.

Kind regards

Marketing Equity Partnerships Leads

asked Jan 7 '15 at 06:41
Suhaib Taqvi
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There is a website which helps IT freelancers and companies by providing project leads and guiding them how to get projects through freelancing portals like upwork, freelancers, fiverr etc. Here is the link to website-
answered Mar 6 '18 at 12:45
Sumit Rajput
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Marketing Equity Partnerships Leads