Old-school industries ripe for disruption?


Simple is doing great a fresh new way of doing banking -- an old industry with arcane practices and customer dissatisfaction.

What other such industries are there that have:

  • Age old practices that people accept as norm
  • Customers are dissatisfied with the companies offering the service but have no alternative so keep up with it

Ideas Industry Bank Disruption

asked Jun 24 '14 at 17:41
Noella Ramirez
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Anything with a high infrastructure cost or that's government-regulated. e.g.:

  • Education
  • Internet providers
  • Air travel
  • City parking

Breaking from that trend, I'd also say Facebook. Even among my non-techie friends, no one really likes Facebook. It's viewed as a necessary evil.

answered Jun 24 '14 at 18:03
Jay Neely
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  • Yeah, I think in 10 years, we'll be talking about Facebook like we do MySpace today. – rbwhitaker 4 years ago
  • ISPs and cell phone service providers are both tied for the #1 spot in my book. Little options for consumers, service quality only gets worse and they just continue to find ways to squeeze more money out of customers. Hopefully Google Fiber will change that nation-wide soon -- but will come with a different cost (more of our data going through Google). – Nishank Khanna 4 years ago
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Ideas Industry Bank Disruption