Outside Sales: Should I pay his monthly parking in NYC

My office is around 30 miles outside of NYC in NJ. I have a handful of Sales reps that I assigned with designated geographical territories. We provide them with company vehicels and (quote from our car policy) " While a company-provided vehicle is being used for business, the employer pays all operating costs. Properly documented expenses such as parking, tolls, and registration fees will be reimbursed. " One of my reps requested now to have the monthly parking expensed because he/she wishes to move to Manhattan. His/her territory includes the NYC boroughs, so fairly often in NYC. My opinion was that it is his/her personal wish to move to Manhattan and no one forces him/her to. Consequencly monthly parking expenses are the employees responsibility. Is my assumtion correct or should I start paying monthly parking for my outside sales reps who are provided with company vehicels?

Sales Employees Car Policy Parking Expenses

asked Mar 28 '18 at 02:17
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Sales Employees Car Policy Parking Expenses