Does Pinterest no-follow all of their outbound links?


I am wondering whether or not search engine robots crawl, follow, and index links from Or, do they block their outgoing links like facebook does? In other words, can a website build linkjuice by posting some of their pages to a pinterest board?

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asked Jan 13 '12 at 01:46
Dan Male
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  • This is off topic for this Q and A site - it has nothing to do with startups. – Tim J 6 years ago
  • @Tim I think the question ultimately relates to the OP's startup- though this is not clear in the question. – Seth Rogers 6 years ago
  • Can you elaborate on how relevant this question to startups? Is this an SEO question? – Alain Raynaud 6 years ago
  • @Tim Thank you for your helpful comment. If this is not a question for this site, would you mind telling me which site is more appropriate? Alain - This is precisely an SEO question, and any internet startup should focus some efforts on SEO as long as they rely on search engine results. – Dan Male 6 years ago
  • I think SEO is within the scope of this site. However, you should have been able to quickly answer your question by viewing the source of a page, or by doing a quick Google search: (third result from the top). – Zuly Gonzalez 6 years ago
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At the moment, it doesn't seem any of Pinterest's links (content credit links, or user profile links) are no-follow. This is from a quick check with Chrome's inspect element tool.

Also, please be polite even if you feel Tim is not being polite to you. Cheers! =)

answered Jan 13 '12 at 02:20
Jay Neely
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  • Thanks Jay. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out and check that. – Dan Male 6 years ago
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After checking a few of the pins on Pinterest, it looks like they are in fact no-follow. No sure if this is universal across the site, but is in my small sample.

answered Jan 13 '12 at 02:57
Seth Rogers
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  • Seth, could you provide some more info on where you're looking / how you're checking? Taking a look at several pins featured on the front page, the content source "From []" doesn't appear to have a no-follow rel on it when I inspect in Chrome: -- Am I looking in a different spot than you? – Jay Neely 6 years ago
  • @JayNeely I did the same thing you did, I think: By the way, thanks for introducing me to Owely, excellent! – Seth Rogers 6 years ago
  • It looks like you're inspecting the image (which seems to always be no-follow), while I'm inspecting the credit link above and to the right of it (which seems to never be no-follow). They both point to the same URL. I suspect the link that isn't no-follow still passes Google juice; but I'm asking on SEOmoz's Q&A to double-check. -- you might like even better; it looks great, but gave me tons of errors (using Windows 7). =/ – Jay Neely 6 years ago
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