Questions for/about and Startup Visa Act of 2010


Tuesday 3/8 we're interviewing Eric Ries (#leanstartups) and Shaherose Charania (CEO of Women 2.0 ) about 's delegation of VCs/Startups this week to halls of federal power (White House, Congress, various federal agencies) to lobby for the Startup Visa Act of 2010 for the Startup Success Podcast "The Startup Visa Act proposes legislation to modify the existing EB-5 Visa in order to drive job creation in the US and increase American global competitiveness. This would enable immigrant entrepreneurs who are creating new companies to secure visas to come to the United States, if there is investment capital available from a sponsoring US venture capital or angel investor of at least $100,000 in an equity financing of not less than $250,000." ([source])2 Also see #startupvisa on Twitter.

"A group of 160 venture capitalists and angel investors support the bill, including Paul Graham, Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Dave McClure, Ron Conway, Mike Maples, Reid Hoffman, Chris Sacca, Jeff Clavier, Bijan Sabet, Josh Kopelman, and Chris Dixon." (TechCrunch )

I'd really like to get your questions for Shaherose and Eric both about this bill, Startups getting into the political process and their Silicon Valley/Startups view of their D.C experience. Since this bill might have a real impact on just about everyone who follows, I hope to get some tough, civil, questions I can put to Eric and Shaherose.


asked Mar 6 '10 at 02:37
Bob Walsh
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What I would ask:

I see the startup visa effort as a key initiative to put the US back in a leadership position in global business, so thank you for your work. Once more startups come here, they will need to compete for local talent. Given that there is a huge shortage of desirable tech employees already, how do you see this playing out? Do you think politicians will be more open to increasing the foreign immigrant quotas, or will things likely remain as they are?

answered Mar 6 '10 at 02:54
Gabriel Magana
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