Do sales people get commission for deals closed after they've left the company? Ones they were involved with while employed.


By law, are sales employees entitled to commissions on the deals they were working on, but were closed by someone else after they left the company?

I guess this question would apply to recruiters as well. Do you have to pay an in-house recruiter commission for a candidate you hire after they've moved on to another company?

Sales Legal Commission Recruiters

asked Mar 28 '14 at 21:29
Darrell Moore
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I had to check this exact same thing a while back. You are not legally obligated to pay commissions after an employee has left or been terminated.

Do ensure your sales compensation agreements reflects that as well (which new employees sign during on-boarding). In order to cover all grounds.

answered Mar 30 '14 at 00:00
Richard Poole
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