What social media information or solution do you miss?


I am looking into building a social media tool and would be curious to know what the entrepreneurs here are missing.

Is there one information (raw data, aggregated data, chart, etc) that would help you?

Social Media Social Network

asked May 23 '11 at 00:01
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  • Could you be a bit more specific, what kinds of ideas your are after. It seems like you are mostly after creating a tool for presenting information. Is this your core competence? – David 12 years ago
  • @David My question is generic to open it for ideas from all types. If it doesn't fit my competence I won't do it. – Tucson 12 years ago

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To arrive at ideas you should consider what a person can use a social network for in real life in order to solve problems or fill needs. Such problems and needs include the following:

  • Gaining know-who, as opposed to having know-how, and know-what (facts)
  • Establishing a favorable social identity and gaining social status
  • Security, especially in countries where there is little reliance on the government to help out in cases of trouble

Then you can think about, how technology could help to facilitate such social exchanges.

In general, I can say that I believe there is a huge potential in this, and I do have two specific ideas, but they are too good to publish here.

answered May 23 '11 at 01:43
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  • Thank you David. Wish I could get the "too good to publish here" part :) – Tucson 12 years ago
  • @tucson I am looking for investors for those ideas, and it would not be favorable if I had already published the ideas. – David 12 years ago

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