How to start a near shore development company in Europe?


In more specific, I'd like people's idea on the following hypothetical scenario:

I am planning to open a near shore IT development company and "outsource" projects to Bulgaria, or hire developers in Bulgaria to work for UK companies remotely (with skype etc).

Now, do I hire people first and then try to find clients or the other way round?
What if I've hired people and haven't found clients? Or, what if I've found clients, and have no people yet? I can't have my clients on stand by!

Any takes?

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asked Nov 12 '13 at 06:47
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Find clients first and outsource the projects on freelance websites (Elance, oDesk etc.) that can deliver you with freelancers for those projects very fast.

This involves no full-time contracts, just per-project payments.

Then, when you have more clients open an office in Bulgaria with full-time employees.

answered Nov 12 '13 at 07:04
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  • Why wouldn't a client do that for their own then? Why would they need a man in the middle? My plan is to offer them a variety of options like so: A client needs 3 php developers and a tester. I then go about and try to find as many candidates as I can for the client to interview, choose and hire. – Dqm 4 years ago
  • Because your client may not know tech specs. This is where a development company comes in: you will act as a project manager for your client. But from your comment: it looks more like a recruiting company where you'll just go and find developers for your client. – Max 4 years ago
  • That's correct, my company will act more as a recruitment agency rather than software management. Now, in this scenario, candidates first (on hold) or clients? – Dqm 4 years ago
  • Clients. The company then goes and finds developers for a client. If the first client doesn't work with one developer, your next client might. Keep a list of developers. – Max 4 years ago
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