US bank account for LLC


I am from India and want to setup LLC in USA. I am unable to visit to USA.Is there a way that my friend (who is in USA) open a business account in USA for my LLC. To do so, I can include him in my LLC. My question is

  • In what capacity (minimum), I can involve him in LLC, so that he can open and operate bank account in US ?
Thanks in advance

LLC Bank Account

asked Jan 7 '13 at 10:38
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  • I am pretty sure it's possible. [This website]( comes up every time I search for something similar. I haven't tried any, though. – Its Me 5 years ago
  • Please take a moment to read our [FAQ]. You have three different questions in the one post. This site works best when you stick to one focused question per post. You are welcome to edit this to be more focused and we can take a look at reopening it. And take a look at this previous question that may help you: Gonzalez 5 years ago
  • Simpanoz, like Zuly suggested, please edit your question to focus on one specific subject. – Its Me 5 years ago
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LLC Bank Account