How do I validate an idea for a service with infrequent, time-sensitive users using the 'coming soon' page method?


I have an idea that I would like to test using a 'coming soon' landing page. In my instance, the idea is for consumers looking to research, plan and arrange a holiday (vacation).

I can see why this approach is popular and might work for a site that would attract regular users, but is it appropriate for a site that might only attract users who have a time-sensitive need once or twice a year? What should I particularly bear in mind for these types of users when creating this sort of landing page for validation?

I'm fairly familiar with the idea of using AdWords to get them to the site, so this question is more about how appropriate this method is and what particular requirements there may be for the type of user/ customer I'm targeting and the product type.

Ideas Market Research MVP Validation Landing Page

asked May 2 '13 at 08:37
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  • Is this seasonal like during the holidays or people only visit for a birthday or anniversary? Are you testing when they're likely to buy? – Jeff O 5 years ago
  • I've updated the details to include my idea type. Not sure what other bits of info are necessary to help form a response, but just comment and I'll update as necessary. Thanks :) – James 5 years ago
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Without knowing more about your particular customers and their problem it's hard to say. What particular business hypothesis are you trying to validate with the landing page?

Remember that a landing page is not necessarily always the best first step.

If the customers you are after would be in the situation of Googling for things that solve their problem at particular times perhaps a Google AdWords campaign might be a good way to capture attention?

answered May 2 '13 at 17:21
Adrian Howard
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Ideas Market Research MVP Validation Landing Page