5 Best NYC Mobile App Development Companies (New York)

Mobile App Development Companies in New York

Home to the largest industry segments in finance, fashion, and technology, New York has some of the top mobile app development companies. With almost 1,000 agencies in NYC, it’s critical to find the best one that fits your budget, timing, and will create the best mobile experience you envisioned.

We looked at all mobile app development companies in the state of New York to shortlist the best ones based on the following criteria:

  • Experience
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Client reviews

Here are the results of the research starting with the best overall score:

1. Utility

Score: 9.9 / 10

Best Mobile App Development Company in New York

At the top of the list is Utility NYC. With over 50 employees in New York, Utility has developed award-winning mobile apps for companies like Airbnb, Bleacher Report, Toor, Samsung, and Mount Sinai Hospital. Catering to both enterprise and startup clients, mobile apps and platforms they’ve built are used by millions of people.

"We are an end-to-end mobile app and digital platform agency, focusing on designing and engineering today’s mobile-first businesses." says founder David Cohen. Utility’s team includes leaders in app design and engineering, which allows them to create exceptional mobile experiences that get traction.

Locations: New York (HQ), Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web, AR/VR

Capabilities: UI/UX design, iOS development, android development, web platforms, launch strategy.

Key clients: Airbnb, Toor, Bleacher Report, Kickwheel, SirenMD, NBA, Samsung, Verizon, Dearduck, UrLife, Stride Gum, Mount Sinai Hospital.

2. Fueled

Score: 9.4 / 10

Founded in 2007, Fueled is a well-known app development company in New York. Depending on your budget, you either get assigned an internal team or an outsourced agency in their partner network. Fueled helps manage your mobile app project and acts as a product management middle-man (if your budget isn’t large enough).

Having done apps for Crunchbase, Matador, and Afterlight, Fueled has over 50 employees in NYC. They are also one of the few development companies who cater to blockchain startups in addition to mobile apps.

Locations: New York City, Los Angeles, United Kingdom.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Blockchain

Capabilities: UI/UX design, iOS and android development, marketing strategy, idea development strategy.

Key clients: Summit Series, Crunchbase, Matador, Afterlight.

3. ThoughtBot

Score: 9.3 / 10

Started as a development company focused on Ruby on Rails projects, Boston-based ThoughtBot has a location in New York. They are known for their open source projects that are used by thousands of developers and their commitment to the Rails community.

ThoughtBot’s agile cost structure is based on sprints instead of fixed pricing per project. That may or may not be ideal if you have a fixed budget for your mobile app project. If you have an existing app needs improvement or regular maintenance, an agile sprint-based pricing can provide you dedicated resources to build new features.

Locations: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Raleigh, United Kingdom.

Platforms: Web development, mobile app development (both iOS and Android).

Capabilities: UX/UI design, web-based platforms, mobile apps

Key Clients: edX, Tile, SplitFit, Yammer.

4. HubSpire

Score: 8.8 / 10

The most budget-friendly agency on the list, HubSpire is a smaller development company in New York. HubSpire’s leadership is based in NYC, while engineering talent is located in their offices in India. By hiring engineers in India, HubSpire is able to provide a lower-cost solution for MVPs that don’t need pixel perfection.

Locations: India, New York

Platforms: Web development, mobile app development (both iOS and Android).

Capabilities: Artificial intelligence, iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Android (Java), web platforms

Key Clients: Cubic Transportation Systems, Library Of Congress, 27East.

5. Rocket Insights

Score: 8.0 / 10

Rocket Insights is a small, yet experienced team of product people building mobile apps for companies like PillPack, PatientsLikeMe, and Circle. Rocket Insights connects their clients directly with design and engineering talent, lowering pricing for small mobile app products that don’t have complicated needs.

Apart from mobile apps, Rocket Insights has built Alexa Voice Skills and responsive-web enabled platforms.

Locations: Massachusetts, Boston, New York

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web app development

Capabilities: AI, iOS, Android, responsive mobile websites

Key Clients: PillPack, PatientsLikeMe, Circle.

Tips on choosing the right NYC mobile app developer

Once you have your mobile app idea hashed out, picking the right development company can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips and pitfalls to avoid and ensure your product gets built as you envisioned:

1. Understand how much custom development your mobile app needs.

Some companies tend to re-use software and components to speed up your development process. So knowing how much of your product will be custom-made is crucial in choosing the right agency and setting a proper budget.

Companies like Utility and Fueled build mobile apps that offer a higher quality of work, which results from cleaner code and adherence to strict programming standards. Be aware that the more your mobile app needs custom software, the more you will likely need to do stress-testing to ensure the app holds up when gaining traction on the app stores.

2. Avoid development companies that outsource to freelancers or a third-party

Don’t choose an agency that outsources the work as a sub-contract to freelancers or another agency. These mobile app companies are essentially acting like middle-men. Which results in added costs to your project, lower code quality, and more hectic day-to-day communications.

You want to pick a company that has their own in-house design and development talent. This ensures you are getting direct access to top engineers and not spending extra funds on payment a middle-man agency that isn’t actually building your mobile app.

3. Know which platforms you want to launch on beforehand.

Decide whether you want to launch on iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Playstore), responsive web, or all of them together. This will help you eliminate agencies on your short-list that only specialize on a specific platform.

If you are building an MVP, it's good practice to only launch on one platform first. That way you can test out your business hypothesis without the overhead. Most successful mobile businesses started off on just iOS -- and once they gained some traction did they build on Android.

4. Don’t base your decision just on price. You get what you pay for.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing the mobile app development company with the lowest quote. You do indeed get what you pay for. In the long run, you actually end up spending less money by picking a company that creates quality products but has a higher initial development cost.