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Superfluous Pseudo Self-Aggrandizement

Web site showing various groupings of interest in the greater USA (locations of NFL teams, MLB teams, State Capitals, National Parks, and hometowns of selected authors and musicians: USA Map-O-Rama Web site displaying winners of major book, movie, and music awards: Award Winners Only Photographic record of Big Sur's best-kept secret (Garrapata) throughout the seasons (from June 2012 to July 2013) can be found here: Garrapata: Big Sur's Best-Kept Secret Also, many of my books can be seen here:

I use my birth name, B. Clay Shannon, for nonfiction; for fiction, I use a nom du plume: Blackbird Crow Raven -and finally, old pictures, mainly of Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail (2008-2012) and selected California portions of the Pacific Crest Trail (2009), can be seen here:

Faux Toes Obligatory Doggerel

I made a splash
when I named my son ": -"

And then, just to rhyme with Hilda,
I named my daughter "Ma~"

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Curious George Washington Irving Stone the Crows Nest of Robber Baron von Munchabaloney B. Whiter Shade of Pale Riders in the Storm Chase each other 'round Midnight Confess Parker Penlight my Fire and Watership Downieville Califragilisticexp F. Sloan Shark infested waters London England Swings like the Pendulummoxtail soupy Sale, Kirkpatrick Henry Kissinjerked Porky Piglatin origin Rummy Tarzanzibar None left Aliver than you'll ever be Curious.

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