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Marketing x 8
Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of influencing buyer behavior and/or precipitate behavioral change.
Equity x 6
Equity is ownership that both the business owner and investors have in a company.
Facebook x 5
App Store x 4
Pitch x 4
Legal x 4
Essential legal issues that startups face, including corporate formation, fundraising documentation, founders stock, and board relations.
Co-Founder x 4
What are the pros and cons of starting a business alone versus with cofounders? How many founders are too many?
Ios x 3
Saas x 3
Getting Started x 3
These are the basics you'll need if you're looking to be an entrepreneur and start marketing yourself.
Founders x 3
SEO x 3
Twitter x 3
Revenue x 2
Jobs x 2
Apple x 2
Sales x 2
Discuss startup sales strategies and what it takes to sell the product that you’ve designed and developed.
Investors x 2
Local x 2
UX x 2
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Company x 1
Traffic x 1
Lease x 1
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Quora x 1
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Pivot x 1
Boston x 1
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Board x 1
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Boomerang x 1
Fitbit x 1
Funding x 1
Everything you need to know to fund and raise capital for your startup or small business. Advice from entrepreneurs and investors.
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