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Jim is an entrepreneur in residence at an early stage VC group.

As CTO, Jim has led several change the industry online initiatives, including efforts at Ziff Davis, venture backed organizations such as GoCargo, and government backed projects as well.

As EIR, I'm part fixer, part validator - focused on getting the business model right. Many it customer development, product development - I call it survival.

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Marketing x 60
Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of influencing buyer behavior and/or precipitate behavioral change.
Website x 29
Setting up a website is a key step in starting a new business and in today's world, an effective web presence is a vital marketing tool.
Getting Started x 28
These are the basics you'll need if you're looking to be an entrepreneur and start marketing yourself.
Equity x 27
Equity is ownership that both the business owner and investors have in a company.
Co-Founder x 25
What are the pros and cons of starting a business alone versus with cofounders? How many founders are too many?
Legal x 21
Essential legal issues that startups face, including corporate formation, fundraising documentation, founders stock, and board relations.
Investors x 20
Sales x 20
Discuss startup sales strategies and what it takes to sell the product that you’ve designed and developed.
Software x 18
Successful startups make money by offering people better technology than they have now.
Funding x 17
Everything you need to know to fund and raise capital for your startup or small business. Advice from entrepreneurs and investors.
Ideas x 17
Business x 15
Increase your odds of business success: start with good people, make something customers actually want, and spend as little money as possible.
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LLC x 5
A corporate structure whose members cannot be held personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. Combines characteristics of corporations and partnerships or sole proprietorship.
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Entrepreneurs can set up their business as a Sole Proprietorship, C-corporation, S-corporation, partnership, non-profit, Limited Liability Company, or Limited Liability Partnership.