Which business domain to forward to?


Should I forward my business website to my easier to remember .co or my longer .com?

I have two domain names, one of which I was going to forward to my longer .com one. Except when I started talking to people they said they liked the shorter .co better. Domain formats (9 letters).co or (9 letters)solutions.com

Initial Plan:
I initially bought a .com domain name with is named exactly what my LLC. is called. My LLC. name ends in Solutions so I decided to try and get a shortened domain name which I found without that extra solutions as a .co, which was fitting since I was going to use it for a shorten permalink. and just have that link forward to my .com.

Possible Alternate:
A few people I talked to suggested just forward all traffic from my .com to my .co. Since I have the .com it wouldn't be an issue if people wanted to type in my business name from memory and appending the .com. It would be an issue though if they tried the shorten linked with .com because a domain squatter owns that.

My goal was to get this question answered in addition to making it a useful question to others, so if you feel it needs any further clarification or improvements please let me know.

Website Business Branding Domain

asked Jul 10 '12 at 02:38
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  • Not sure why this question was downvoted (fixed that now). This is a good question given the saturation of the .com domain availability. The TLD, .co, is new and close enough, so lots of new entrepreneurs with not entirely unique business names can benefit from this. Plus, this question does not violate the rules of this site. – Ray 9 years ago
  • What are the domain names? – B Seven 9 years ago

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Of course, this is only opinion - .com still wins above all.
a previous post on the subject hit many of the points, so it may not be worth rehashing here. Also a good post on .co vs .com could help.

Short, memorable names are nice, and in some cases, combined with a non-com TLD can be useful (smush.it, contact.me for example). Very web 2.0 these days.

But in general, a longer .com still wins over a short other TLD (SEO sites aside).

And by longer, I'm talking "realistic" length, not comparing peoriasparsnipspartyplanner.com vs parsnips.net.

answered Jul 10 '12 at 03:00
Jim Galley
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  • Agreed. It'll be a long while before the .com is replaced. The only TLDs, I suspect, that will topple it will are the new custom ones (.pepsi, .google). – Ray 9 years ago

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