How to choose a Ads solution for website or mobile apps that uses the profiled data?


We have a website and some mobile apps which generate significant number of daily views (say 10M).
The main feature of these projects is that, in most cases, you know a lot about users interests, hobbies and demographic data.

Now we would like to add advertising to get some revenue.

Which considerations should we bear in mind to implement it?
Do you know existing solutions that could be used out of the box?

Assuming that you want to use the data you have about users and serve them ads that best match their profiles.

Advertising Website Revenue Users

asked Nov 7 '12 at 03:27
Lukasz Dziedzia
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  • Can you clarify your question? It almost sounds like you are requesting a product or service recommendation, but those type of polling questions are not allowed on the Stack Exchange network. Please clarify what you mean by "solution". – Zuly Gonzalez 8 years ago
  • @ZulyGonzalez I am looking for a high level design suggestions as well as for technology (products / services) that could be used to make high level designs actually working. – Lukasz Dziedzia 8 years ago

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There two main options depending what platforms the mobile app is on and if you want to use one company or are happy to spread it.

iAds Google mobile ads Both of the solutions utilise details about the apps they apear on and the users of the hand set.

If you already advertise with google ad words then google may just me easier. however if your apps only apear on iOS then you can get more per click from the iAd.

answered Nov 10 '12 at 03:31
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