What is the most critical decision your made in your startup?


What's the most challenging problem you faced in your business and had to make a critical decision?

Mine was accepting that our niche wasn't big enough (due to lack of due diligence done before starting the venture) and pivoting into an almost completely different idea. The new pivot worked out well, but it was a tough decision to make as we founders get stuck with our rose colored glasses.

Strategy Decision Founders Problem Solving Startups

asked Jun 14 '15 at 15:11
Melvin Jordan
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This is such a difficult question as every decision I seem to make leads to multiple opportunities which require another tough decision to be made..

I think it'd have to be being realistic with deadline, realising that although opening a startup is exciting, it cannot be rushed! Deciding to extend development time was a tough decision as it involved more work, time and motivation - it was tough. However, I still think it was the best decision to make in the long run. It may not sound like much of a decision but it was tough in the way that it felt like I was pushing myself further away from my project.

answered Jun 14 '15 at 15:58
Reece Matthews
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Strategy Decision Founders Problem Solving Startups