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How many page views should a website generate to achieve an ad revenue of $1M/year?

The site is a general/global news site targeting all types of audience. I am aware that a precise answer can not be found. But I need a rough estimation to use as a basis for my startup business plan.

thank you.

Adwords Advertising Business Plan Revenue

asked Nov 27 '13 at 22:05
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With CPM (price for 1000 views) of let say $0.15 (general website without specific/niche public) it would be:

  • 1 ad per page = approximatively 7 000 M of pageviews (= 20 M pageviews/day)
  • 3 ads per page = approximatively 2 300 M of pageviews (= 6.5 M pageviews/day)

Quite audacious targets...

PS: this is just rough estimation => the CPM depends of the ad format (size, animated or not, place on the website...). There are other principles like PPC (pay per click) etc. It really depends on the type of public that visits your web.

But still, with 3 ads/page and an average number of 4 pagesviews per visitor, you should have appr. 1.5 M visitors/day...

answered Nov 27 '13 at 22:51
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Adwords Advertising Business Plan Revenue