Do I have a Facebook page for my company or one for each of my products?


I will shortly be publishing my first iOS app and wish to set up a Facebook page. Assume that I will be producing a number of apps over the next year or so.

The main purposes of the Facebook page will be :

  • Promotion of the app
  • Promotion of other apps made by my company
  • A way to interact with my clients

Should I have a Facebook page for each app or just one for my company?

My thoughts are that I should have one for my company that way when I post screen shots of other apps, there will be better cross promotion. The downside of this is that there may be less of a "community" feel if the same page is shared between lots of different apps.

As an aside, I will have (in addition) a single company web site that handles my apps together.


asked Sep 21 '12 at 15:05
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I think, for applications that are not linked, it should be a page per application for the following reasons:

  • People using the application will be thinking of the app not your company brand name. Until your established eg. Zynga your application will be the reason people contact you.
  • You want to collect like minded customers together on one topic, not split them over many.
  • A poor performing application will not impact the image of all of your applications.
  • You can get a single consistent message about a single application out without

If your applications are all integrated around a single back end system (like Evernote) you should have a primary "platform" focus page and maybe have sub pages for individual applications.

Why? Because your end goal is to drive the platform not the individual app and the activity should be focused on the larger goal of the platform.

answered Sep 21 '12 at 17:02
Robin Vessey
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