How would the WhatsApp acquisition change Sequoia?


Sequoia converted their $60 million to $3 billion! That's over a 50x return. And overall, their fund is now 5x.

  • How would this effect the way Sequoia invests in startups?
  • Do you think they will now be looking to invest in far more companies to make use of this new capital?
  • How could one get a meeting with Sequoia for their startup?

Venture Capital Sequoia

asked Feb 21 '14 at 10:40
Bryan Gil
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Flashy wins & big returns are what people report on.

But if you look at how sequoia operates, and their modus operandi statement, you'll see that one win, however large it is, is unlikely to change the way they approach the business of funding.

As for getting a meeting with them, being introduced is the best path. But you need to have something worth introducing. If you do, then you likely won't be as concerned about who you are meeting with vs. what the other party brings to the table to fuel your growth ambitions.

answered Feb 22 '14 at 04:56
Jim Galley
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  • Thanks Jim! – Bryan Gil 7 years ago

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