Selling online products purchased from the market


Are there any rules and regulations when selling products purchased from the market in an online store?

This is not affiliate/commission based selling. I'm purchasing products for the retail prices available in Asian markets and reselling/shipping to US customers via an ecommerce website. The products are basically tableware, nothing illegal/hazardous.

My burning question is do we need to have agreements with the retailers/manufacturers if we do so?

Ecommerce Legal International Selling

asked Apr 6 '12 at 11:37
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  • What country, what products? Some products, like hazardous materials, pornography or live animals may not be legal to ship by certain carriers or into certain countries for example. – Jonny Boats 9 years ago
  • And software, in particular, may not allow this type of sale. – Gary E 9 years ago
  • Products from plants (e.g. wooden items) can be considered hazardous by some countries due to the potential of hosting parazites. – Dnbrv 9 years ago

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I need to know if there are any rules and regulations when selling products purchased from the market in an online store.

For your specific product, no, apart from the normal import/export rules and regulations. But:

  • If the product is considered hazardous -> YES
  • If the product has intellectual rights like music, videos, software, books, you may need a written authorization, permission or agreements.
  • If the product is food or medicine -> YES

More can be found here -> And I would recommend you read it before you start your business.

answered Jun 9 '12 at 02:28
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Ecommerce Legal International Selling