Can anyone recommend a merchant account?


I need to open a merchant account to work with I am looking for one that is US based and will accept a reverse auction type of website. My original plan was to go with cdgcommerce but I don't think they will accept me.

Any recomendations?

Payments Merchant Account

asked Oct 6 '10 at 03:19
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  • Please explain why they won't accept you, otherwise it's hard to say which provider would be OK with whatever that issue is. – Jason 13 years ago
  • I will look at your question, once your acceptance rate goes up. – David 13 years ago

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If you have never had a merchant account, and are based in the US, start with your bank. You should have had a business account with them for over a year, and your rates will be higher through your bank than you can get on your own. But it's a starting point. Once you have had a merchant account for over a year you can shop around for better deals.

Merchant accounts are like credit cards. Getting the first one is difficult. Once you have "merchant credit" getting another is easy.

answered Oct 6 '10 at 07:01
Gary E
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I've used which I didn't like very much because they kept 5-10% of your funds in case of refund. I've also used which is for software, not the greatest either for multiple reasons.

I agree with Gary E, go with the banks as your relationship with them will go farther then with a nameless merchant.

answered Oct 7 '10 at 05:22
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