How to end partnership?

I’m the owner of a small shop I found a investor well a customer that turn into a investor and we moved to a bigger location to go 50/50 on verbal agreement. He spend 10k from his credit card on rent only. He won’t put any more money down I tried paying him every month for the past 4 months his 50 percent hes like no keep it lets keep using that money for rent. So when there’s a disagreement his like I have done alot for this company to get the doors open and I haven’t take a single penny for profit. He’s always saying that so now I am concern that when hes says I haven’t take a single penny from this company I feel like he’s setting me up for something or take full ownership. We are not getting along and he won’t accept the money I am paying him back. So I am just saving was he’s making in a savings I made for him. I don’t want to deal with him anymore. Since my company is sole proprietorship and the rent and business and insurance is under my name he can’t take over right. Or can I get sue by him?

Business Partnership

asked Nov 6 '18 at 18:26
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Business Partnership