How a Game studio should be named?


I'm starting a game studio which targets the younger generation (children and teens).
My questions are:

  • does the name of the studio matter?
  • if yes, how should I name it?
  • and what are the things i must avoid?


asked Jun 1 '11 at 17:23
James Bolton
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Names for games will often be searched on google or youtube, so you might want to avoid misstypings with choosing the name.

  • Avoid double letters like "dd", as people will likely remember it wrong and it's maybe hard to spell in other languages. "Badday" may be written as "Baday" as well.
  • Too similar ones like "ij", "mn", "qp" or "db" right behind each other may another trap on misspelling, remembering, etc.
  • Avoid combinations that might end up with 3 similar letters (for eg. "sss"), even when they are meant to have only too. Example: "miss-spell"
  • Don't focus on the content of your current game. Bring your philosophy in.
  • Make it positive or kool.
  • Search your name before and avoid having negative meanings in other languages.
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Igor, a naming and branding agency, has an excellent 122 page guide on creating product and company names. They rightly call the process "building the perfect beast".

"The best product and company names require the least advertising. They are

A name can be a lot of things, but more than anything else it should strive to be unique, memorable, and also reflect the spirit/culture of the company or product.

answered Aug 31 '11 at 10:19
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  • Name matters when users remember it easily and can recognize it when they have more than one game from the same studio.
  • As long as the name can be easily remembered and you can spell / pronounce it easily (compare ubisoft with shzynopher) its fine.
  • Avoid very long , not easy to remember names as well as confusing spellings.
answered Jun 1 '11 at 21:55
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Well ... I can't answer directly ... what is in a name?

But i can say the studios I have noticed over time

  • View Askew. Movies I know but their stuff was good, I got to know and like the group ... it suited them
  • Cohen bros and Wikowski bros. Again movies but really good movies and was 2 brothers doing cool stuff.
  • UbiSoft. Amazing games, very hard, very addictive, cut above the rest ... I noticed them because they make 3 out of my 5 all time favourite games
  • Cavedog. Cool name, great game (total annlaiation)
  • 3d Releams. well you can guess what they do and their first person shooters rock.
  • ID Software and apogee. Great series of games, anyone who can delay the producing of Blood sugar sex magic has to be pretty good.

Well all of that was in the past, I haven't really played games for years ... that was a good chance for me to show my age.

Really the name can choose to say exactly what you do "fluffly toys for kids" or it can be something completely random or it can be about you or ideally something your audience will have in common ... up all night productions ...

For your audience, it should be easy to remember, the logo will probably be more useful than the name and your going to want to have something that potential buyers (your real strategic custoemrs) are going to want to have.

Additional : sorry I forgot the key point of my post in the first place ... what you do will define how people remember you, what your called will be the handle they use to remember it.

answered Jun 1 '11 at 19:15
Robin Vessey
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that pretty much depends on the type of games. In general, if you're targeting the 15-35 audience i'd say choose a name that's a single word (or two words max), sounds cool (e.g. "Valve"), easy to remember and of course, doesn't have any previous takers. Most names have got nothing to do with "games" (ID, Valve, Apogee, ...) and you shouldn't worry about that. Get good games out there, and your seemingly-random name will become household name.

answered Jun 1 '11 at 23:30
Ron M.
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