How do you get TechCrunch to cover your startup?


I built a simple software that helps users to manage cloud based backup files across multiple account on your local desktop. We are going to launch it officially soon, so how can we get medias, such as Techcrunch to cover our startup on it web?

Anyone experienced?


asked Mar 2 '11 at 13:25
Anson Wang
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You need to contact them - that's the basic, however if you contact them they may or may not cover you. Now to get a coverage you have to pitch to them well. You can follow the links below for some insights into it: 2 The rest is luck. I have one more suggestion why do not you try HackerNews and ReadWriteWeb: Very best of luck for your launch.


answered Mar 2 '11 at 14:08
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This Quora question has answers from a few people who work for TechCrunch answering this question: Basically the answers all say the same thing including the ones from staff who work there like MG: they get hundreds and thousands of emails per day with pitches so it's luck whether or not you're covered on TechCrunch.

My personal advice is to create buzz elsewhere on other sites and news websites, on Twitter, etc and then TechCrunch will write an article on your start-up without you having to pitch to them. Don't focus all of their attention on the one outlet, TechCrunch is one of many places that can have a viral effect on your start-up being covered.

answered Mar 2 '11 at 15:38
Digital Sea
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  • This is not good advice in the particular case of Techcrunch, as they love to be first to break a story. So if you get others to write about you first, Techcrunch becomes highly unlikely to talk about you. At least until you have news (such as raising funding for instance, again which you'd have to let TC get first) – Alain Raynaud 13 years ago
  • I think so. If your story covered by someone else already, they wouldn't do for you! – Anson Wang 13 years ago
  • In all honesty the chances of TechCrunch covering your start-up are very slim anyway, so why would you jeopardise your chance of getting covered somewhere else in hopes of maybe getting featured on TechCrunch? Seems like a bad PR move to put all your eggs into one basket if you ask me. – Digital Sea 13 years ago
  • @Alain - your logic is somehow flawed regarding TechCrunch only covering exclusive stories about startups. The company I work for who was involved in We Are Hunted was covered on both TechCrunch and Mashable the exact same day, amongst others. - Sea 13 years ago
  • Is techcrunch really that worried that a story was on some obscure website first? – Jeff O 13 years ago

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