Looking to start up a joint company (I already have my own company)


As you can see from the title I already have my own company (Pest Control) which is Ltd and I am looking at setting up a JV with someone else with their own Pest Control Company.
So our current work would stay ours and any new business coming into through via our current companies would stay within them. The new company would solely be for works generated by myself from leads given to me by the second person with which we would put into the new company.

Has anyone got any experience with this? Or any ideas on how to work it?

Thank you in advance

Joint Venture

asked Jul 22 '11 at 08:15
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As far as pest control goes, not really, the JV situation is a little overkill for reference sharing.

If your setting up a joint venture, then generally it would be to share something and build something bigger than the sum of the parts. From your description it sounds like your each still going to run your own businesses and just sharing leads / subcontracting. If this is all your looking at then I would just have an agreed "fee per lead" that you agree to pay each other when the leads come in.

When would I consider a joint venture? If the JV is going to have its own brand name and do the marketings, sales, have the phone number that everyone knows and your two companies are the subcontractors to it. In this istance you would both put in money to setup the markeing brand name, the call centre with the appropirate scirpts and staff to manage your respective calendars.

Your seperate companies are the ones doing the job and taking the liabrilty, the joint venture would be dealing with the client and taking a booking fee and dealing with the paperwork.

You could then grow the joint venture and subcontract lots more pest controllers under the brand name allowing it to grow.

answered Jul 22 '11 at 09:49
Robin Vessey
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If you guys are branding this JV with a new name and marketing it as a new thing then yeah do a joint venture. But doesn't sound like that's what you are doing.

Sounds like you just need to work out a good commission structure with him for the leads he delivers that pay out. That's simpler.

answered Aug 22 '11 at 10:53
Ryan Doom
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