What makes an effective Kickstarter video?


Kickstarter videos are pretty amazing, though it's unclear to me what really makes for an effective Kickstarter video; meaning the video is/was a core aspect of raise funds for the project.

What makes an effective Kickstarter video?


asked May 19 '12 at 08:44
Blunders .
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The answer depends on what you are selling. If you have a physical product that captures your target audiences imagination, your video does not have to do much selling. Take a look at the initial video for the Titanium Bike lock on KickStarter. The initial video was nothing more than a demonstration of a protoype bike lock. They added a number of videos once the product became a big hit. But much of the product's success was do to external publicity by on line web sites, that liked the product idea. That was handled by the bike lock inventor. So Kickstarter alone didn't make the product successful.

The new Pebble watch followed a similar path. Lots of external publicity and giant funding.

answered May 19 '12 at 08:56
Gary E
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  • +1 @Gary E: Realize there's other factors, but it almost appears as if you're saying the videos are meaningless. Am I missing something? – Blunders . 8 years ago
  • What I'm saying is that from what I have seen, for a great physical product the video doesn't have to be anything special. Just demo the project. But that only applies to brilliant physical products. If you have something else, research KickStarter for succesful and failed launches. I seriously doubt there is one solution to your request. The answer depends on what you are selling and how you market it. – Gary E 8 years ago
  • @GaryE Did you mean "seriously doubt"? – Alenanno 8 years ago

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