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First off: I also asked this question on, but was not really sure if it belongs there. I know it is rather technical and rather basic. If you know a place this would fit in better let me know :-)

I am setting up a Print-On-Demand shop project and just want to ask if my way of handling all the transactions is okay, what would you improve, what would you do different.

  • Hosting: Netlify
  • Frontend: Gatsby + React
  • Customizing Print in the Client: Paper.js
  • Checkout: Snipcart
  • Printing: Printful API
  • Backend/OrderLogistics/Database: Express.js + MongoDB + Netlify Lambda Functions

So the general process is:

  • User visits website and edits a design to his liking. The editing options are rather limited, the custom design in displayed via Paper.js
  • User clicks "Checkout Now"-Button
  • Clientside generates SVG from the Paper.js canvas and the svg + all customization parameters are sent to backend
  • Backend stores everything in DB with a unique id
  • Unique id is sent back to client
  • Snipcart client process is started
  • User enters shipping + payment data and confirms purchase
  • Payment is processed by Snipcart, unique id + shipping info is sent to Snipcart via API
  • Snipcart calls backend webhook when the payment is completed transmitting unique it + shipping info
  • Backend looks up design in database based on unique id and builds product in Printful API
  • Printful creates order
  • I manually doublecheck snipcart backend + printful order, look if everything is as expected and if so confirm the order
  • Product is shipped by Printful

I know it is hard to say much about the process without seeing the actual implementation, but just from the basic steps is there anything I should do completely different?

Thank you in advance :-)

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asked Oct 27 '19 at 00:37
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