How to promote a screencasting software?


We create screencasting software that user use to create software demos or tutorial. I know there is CamStudio which is free, but:

  1. CamStudio's codec is too worse: our codec produce file just 1/3 of that created by CamStudio.
  2. Our product created compress videos that can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Vimeo. CamStudio Can't
  3. CamStudio doesn't have the edit function. We do.

And many others...

While I'm sure our product is of value to software company or just website. But I really don't know how to promote it.


Screencast Screen Recording

asked Aug 18 '11 at 22:39
Dave Kushan
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  • You're comparing apples to oranges. CamStudio is open source and free, your tool is not. You should be comparing yourself to Camtasia, which has all the features you list. – Nitrous Cloud 13 years ago
  • Yes, it's apples to oranges, but both are fruit, isn't it? And I think there is not problem to compare two fruits of different type. Maybe I just didn't make it complete or clear. By comparing to CamStudio, I just want to show the value of Demoshop: an affordable screen recorder with edit function. So it's something positioned in between CamStudio and Camtasia. Camtasia have all the features, but you need to pay them $300 to get it. Camstudio is free and open source, but you may find it too simple. – Dave Kushan 13 years ago
  • On JOS, Andy Brice noted: "I think the real question is - Why don't *you* have a demo? Demo software that doesn't have a demo video on the home page is just crazy." – Ross 13 years ago
  • @Ross: Eating your own dog food. Dave Kushan: fine-tune your website more. – Jberger 12 years ago
  • @DaveKushan you should do some more research on the market there is far more free applications that does what u said above and some go even further like xsplit which is widely used by gamers for live streaming with great and customizeable quality. – Prix 12 years ago

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You don't have to give it away for free to everyone, but why not find a few big-name bloggers who actually do screencasts, and offer it to them for free? Have good how-to articles on creating screencasts, not just with your software, but in general. Try to create something people will find of value to draw them to your website, and then have a great demo or trial version to get them using your product. Find some software companies that could really profit from your software and call them up - even if they don't want to buy, just having the conversation may teach you more about your software's selling point and weaknesses.

answered Sep 19 '11 at 08:05
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Also at Techsmith they also do a free service called but as apps go into the cloud, I didnt want to download software on my PC's and simply use to capture my screens and post on twitter/youtube. This has the flexibility to work off any device (tablet, ipod, mac, pc) so I think I would only pay for a service that gave me editting capabilities via a website and not a software download.

answered Jun 15 '12 at 23:31
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Sounds very similar to Jing, made by the Camtasia people Jing is a yearly price of $14 or so, so you could pitch it as being a one-time fee and get bloggers to review it?


answered Aug 20 '11 at 06:07
Alan Carr
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I checked your site and saw your product.

Your site is awful.

What I wish to see first is screenshots of software.
You could even make screencast of your product.

Look at camtasia website. I have paid them $299 for 1 license but it is great software for work.

If you will have a better software with better website then you will get sales.

BTW Were are you located. Is not clear from your website but your customer will wish to know that is well.

answered Sep 17 '12 at 07:55
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Why not offer it as free to incubators or other startup communities that have startups.

Offer free support and do webinars once or twice a week to demo the software.

Email the creators of a bunch of startup related podcasts, make offer to Jason Calicanis to disseminate, tweet it, etc.

Have a blog on your site, etc.

Give it away for free for now.


I feel I must add some comments - since "giving it away for free" does nothing to help the customers - you have to help them succeed with it. So run promotions, find out about your customers and engage them in Q&A and support and help.

Given the nature of your product you are in a great position to bring that help to them

Another idea is to run a contest for "best video" of some sort - either a best "how to" or anything creative - to get people to use your softwaer and share it with you and the community. The rules are only that they make it with your software.

You can have a free year - totally free year for intros - and anyone who enters the contest gets more freebies - winner gets something, etc.

Just some thoughts on what I might try...

answered Aug 19 '11 at 04:12
Tim J
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  • Thanks! seems 'free' is the key. – Dave Kushan 13 years ago


Yes, I agree with all the above comments. Nevertheless, give it away for FREE. Is your software OS specific or is it available for MAC as well? If it's not available on MAC OS can you recode or compile it for another that hard to do? I don't know..I am not a developer. But having another opensource Screen capturing software for MAC OS would be great. Not to mention in the future if you decides to charge, the app store is a great mall for shopper.

answered Aug 19 '11 at 05:18
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  • Yes, we are planning to port our product to Mac. For now, only windows version is available. – Dave Kushan 13 years ago

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