Shipping "rewards" from a Kickstarter project


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I am currently running a Kickstarter project that ends in 3 days and it looks like it will be successfully funded (yay!)

In the end it looks like I will need to ship around 150 "rewards" out to backers.

Ok so here is my question:

These rewards are small (credit card size) and will be shipped singly from the UK to all over the world, probably in a jiffy bag. Given that these are a "Reward" ie a gift for backing the project, can i legally mark them as "gift" (s) on the shipping declarations?

Additionally, a large number of the backers are in the USA, is there a way to ship all the items (say 100) in a single package over the pond, and then have them dispersed on the other side, thereby significantly reducing shipping costs and the chances of any going missing?

Shipping Kickstarter

asked Feb 13 '13 at 02:39
Darkcat Studios
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Do a google search on "kickstarter fulfillment " - there are a few service providers that can help you out with the logistics. Shipwire has an program catered to this specific need - and has a few case studies that may be helpful.

answered Feb 13 '13 at 03:06
Jim Galley
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Congrats!! To answer your question no you shouldn't ship it as a gift. As it states on the right side of KickStarter, under How to Price, all rewards should be budgeted for shipping. Can you ship it as a gift, yes, would I no. You could get in serious trouble and its technically not a gift because you were paid.


It also asks you if you wanted to include a fee shipping outside your country. Mine is US but yours may be UK. I doubt any difference:

answered Feb 13 '13 at 02:55
Matt 2.0
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  • Its a complicated one isnt it - I asked £4 for shipping which will easily cover P&P but, I dont want all recipients having to pay import duty on what is only a £12 item, I dont know how it works in the US but here the royal mail holds your item, sends you a letter, and charges you quite a bit for the priviledge, not to mention the added time of up to 2 weeks. – Darkcat Studios 8 years ago
  • @DarkcatStudios if its only £12, it is likely to be exempt from import duty in most places. I've received much more expensive stuff from out of country and had no problems with the customs. – Littleadv 8 years ago
  • That said, shipping 100 of them together will definitely trigger customs check and import duty. – Littleadv 8 years ago

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