ABC of startups, startups for dummies

Is there book "Startups for Dummies" that details the available funding sources (I so frequently hear about A, B, C investment rounds), that details the standard documentation that shoud be provided in the each case (and provides some templated), that details the usual scenarious with patenting, that provides some basic of entrepreneurship like recruitment policies (recruiting top and most expensive talents vs recruiting aspiring novices), that provides description of some public support programs available in some countries and so on. Today the startup creation is considered as the new solution for employment problems and so many are encouraged to go that path but I can not find some condensed ABC book for getting know what is what in the startup world. As I understand, then workflow of startups, the environment, the funding structures, all that are more or less already established and there are common patterns so - where can I find written guidance how to havigate in that world?

Venture Capital Abc

asked Aug 18 '19 at 13:46
Alex Maier
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Venture Capital Abc