Did my acceptance for cooperation was correct?


The previous months I came with that fancy idea. I found a great to-the-point name and domain name, and started building it. At the time there is a prototype of this project. As a web developer/designer I have the ability to make this thing happen by myself, but I do not have plenty of time or the time needed to finish it soon.

A really good friend of mine at the university, a true genius like those people we see in movies, told me that he wants to cooperate with me to make this happen. He is not the best coder but he is the best to understand how things in coding works. I mean he has for now medium abilities to code all this knowledge he gathered, but soon he will be top.

I accepted his suggestion knowing two things:

  1. As I said he will find a lot of logical errors in my code (it is not finished) and he will help me out on coding and correct me on every false thoughts. This will lead to a great functioning application.
  2. I want to build this application, but for now and the next months I can not continue to this idea all alone. This is because of personal reasons but mainly of that I came with another interesting project that I build in my mind, and I find myself to be more commited into, than the first one.

So I guess this will lead to two projects, but the one may never been happened without cooperation/help.

How do you find my act of accepting this cooperation? Was I correct or did I take a false decision?


asked Oct 19 '11 at 12:04
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The biggest problem is that you talk about starting a project that you are not committed to. You won't start for a few months, and even then you may come up with something else that means you never do this.

You will never have a successul startup without hard work and commitment. It is not easy to achieve, and certainly won't just happen.

I wouldn't worry about letting this friend cooperate on the idea. At this stage you just have an idea that you are unsure if you will work on... no big loss to let someone in on that.

answered Oct 19 '11 at 12:13
Joel Friedlaender
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