Any advice on coop model for tech startup


In retrospect of this question, I would like some advice on tech startups using a coop model (as a workers' coop). Advice on charter and finances mostly.

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asked Oct 3 '11 at 04:04
M Pelletier
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Cooperative models are enjoying something of a surge in interest. Your starting point should probably be to study the "Statement on the Co-operative Identity," and decide whether this fits what you are trying to achieve.

Then play devil's advocate, and ask the question, "am I really just describing a partnership?" -- which is less exciting and more straightforward.

(Looking at your linked question, I think that may be exactly what you're describing. For instance, if you're already thinking that a significant proportion of the team may not be eligible for a share on account of their role, that sounds like a partnership, not a coop, even a worker coop, to me.)

And if after all that you want to go ahead, I would make contact directly with either a national representative body (likely to be an ICA member) or a functioning Coop. You're likely to find all kinds of practical support, and access to appropriate model charters etc.

In the UK, The Co-Operative does an amazing job helping new Coops to get started, giving free advice and often helping access free expert consultancy.

answered Oct 4 '11 at 18:45
Jeremy Parsons
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