affordable web based crm SaaS with email delivery?


I am looking to get in touch with my contacts and previous clients. I used to use Gmail but there would be major problems like sometimes when I send email from [email protected] , they don't receive it and such. Also, website was wiped out.

I have purchased new domain and I don't know what is the best way to communicate with my clients. Should I stick to the old gmail? I fear that I might have trouble getting my emails across.

I was considering using Aweber since they supposedly have good email delivery rates....

But I was thinking it would be great if anybody offered all in one CRM package like ticket response and sending emails to potential clients. One place to handle and communicate with client.


asked Jan 27 '11 at 23:44
Kim Jong Woo
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I'm not sure if I understand your request correctly,

  • To solve email problem, get your new domain up and use Google Apps (free)
  • If you want CRM then stay away from SalesForce and use
answered Jan 28 '11 at 03:39
The Dictator
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  • What is bad about salesforce? – Scott 13 years ago
  • We are using SalesForce, everyone in the team simply hate it. It's like a web application from 90s, horrible UX, not good enough support, stupidly expensive. Overall it's terrible, horrible, disgusting :) – The Dictator 13 years ago
  • hi, the thing about Google Apps is that I experienced a few times where my emails were delivered to the SPAM box and not the inbox of my client. I don't know if Google Apps is a reliable way to deliver emails. I am considering Aweber but seems ridiculously expensive. – Kim Jong Woo 13 years ago
  • I don't think it's a problem related with Google Apps. Although you need to do correct MX/DNS record changes in Google Apps unless you do that there is a big chance of spam problem. Take a look at Google Apps support about this and ensure it's done correctly. – The Dictator 13 years ago


A solid open source solution that our company adopted was SugarCRM. We liked the open source nature and the vibrant community of developers. We also liked that there were hosted and professional licensed versions.

In fact we -- and our clients liked it so much that we added a business line and became a SugarCRM partner to resell it. So, for disclosure -- I am not a completely disinterested "expert" on the issue.

Virtual ERP It fits into our overall solution for clients because of it's ability to bridge to so many of the other solutions we use (Joomla for CMS, QuickBooks for Accounting, GoToMeeting for Presentations, Google Aps for email/calendaring, Outlook for the old school folks) In many ways it serves as a vurtual-ERP for our marketing-centric clients.

More than a Contact Database As a contact database it is a little over kill-- but if the goal is to develop, improve and polish an overall customer relationship management with outbound campaigns, and tracking, with forecasting and case management then I think a real CRM is the right choice.

Email Delivery Issues On the issue of emails -- we have some clients on hosted solutions which use SugarCRM's email servers. We have others on hosted solutions which use their own email servers. And we have still others that host their CRM locally and use their own local email servers. (SugarCRM does bridge with Google Docs-- we don't have experience with a client using Google's email servers within the CRM yet). What I have learned is that assuming good email management, good IP management, go monitoring of various "permissions walls" -- then the delivery rates are about the same. There is a statistically significant difference for our clients sending to business accounts versus personal accounts with better delivery on business accounts.

answered Apr 6 '11 at 05:15
Craig Robertson
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I would recommend using a web based CRM that is part of a suite of small business productivity apps. I work with InfoStreet whose StreetSmart apps include CRM, email, calendars, tasks etc. You can use as many apps as you wish and as you add them, your information is automatically integrated.

Be careful about using a free email service, even if it is Gmail's business version. One of our small business clients found their emails being routed to their customers spam folder. Read what happened- and what could happen to your company- read here. Good Luck!
Marcy Hoffman

answered Feb 4 '11 at 08:49
Marcy Hoffman
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  • yeah I experienced that a few times where emails sent from google mail installed on my domain did not reach the Inbox. It was quite frustrating and weeks were wasted. This is my fear, and I am looking for a email/crm tool that avoids this. – Kim Jong Woo 13 years ago


What is your industry? You might consider using and industry specific tool.

Generically, you might look at Sales Force. I think they have a lot of power behind them.

answered Jan 28 '11 at 02:52
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Karma is a web-based CRM service that is presently in beta and is free for now.

answered Jan 28 '11 at 06:01
Kenneth Vogt
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