Anyone entered last years MassChallenge?


I just entered and I was wondering if anyone had some experiences to share from last years event? Or any tips or tricks on what to do or what not to do there.


asked Apr 7 '11 at 00:31
Mat Banik
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  • Don't close this question for being too local. I looked at the MassChallenge FAQ and it states "Startups do not need to originate or headquarter in Massachusetts." It sounds like a good program. – Brandon King 13 years ago
  • Startups don't need to relocate to Boston either. One of the winning teams (RelayRides) relocated from Boston to San Francisco. They really just want to helps startups succeed. Las year there were teams from Israel, Russia, and France (among others). – Andy Cook 13 years ago

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Great question. I was actually a $50,000 winner (Rentabilities ) and have written a few blog articles on my experience. My company was actually invited to stay on as Mentors in Residence for next year's entrants too.

Here they are and hopefully they are helpful

Happy to answer any more questions if you want to ask them in the comments.
answered Apr 7 '11 at 02:16
Andy Cook
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