ASP, OISV, AISIP... What is your recommendation?


For a new uISV, what is your recommendation?

I cannot access any of these (yet), to judge myself, but would like to hear your oppinion (those who are/were members).

Should I consider becoming member of any of these organizations?
If yes, where and why?

Any other organization not mentioned here worth to consider?

Thanks in advance for your time and your advice.


asked Jul 9 '10 at 02:21
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First, I'm a member of all three associations.

There is only one active MicroISV association, the ASP. Their newsgroups get 75 - 150 posts a day. They have separate technical, marketing, and general interest newsgroups. If you have virtually any question about MicroISVs you can get it answered there. It does cost $100 / year to join.

The AISIP is more-or-less dead. I posted the only new message there in the last week. (It charges a fee to join.)

The OISV is also very limited. It has a few posts per week. (It's free.)

For a crash course in Internet marketing, Adwords, Web site optimization, SEO, selling software on Amazon, and much more- come to the 20th Annual Software Industry Conference in Dallas TX next week. (July 15 - 17). It gives you a chance to meet all the major e-commerce and other MicroISV service providers and network with your peers. You can learn more there than in a year on line. For conference details see:

Software Inductry Conference

answered Jul 9 '10 at 04:40
Gary E
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  • Thank you Gary for your answer. As always, to the point :). – Spiro 13 years ago

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