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I would like to get up to speed on Business Analysis, and just downloaded, "A Guide to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide)" and I'm wondering if this is the best single source for the subject, or if there's another resource more experienced professionals would recommend.

Just to be clear I'm not requesting a list of resources, but confirmation that this is the best single "body of knowledge", or if it's not, what it is, and why.


asked Dec 8 '11 at 12:13
Blunders .
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It is a good start, but it is fundamentally a introduction to a course from an organisation that offers exams and qualifications albeit probably the largest globally. There is an alternative from the British Computer Society called an Introduction to Business Analysis that is similar but more detailed (and also suffers from being offered by the examining instituition).

Business analysis is a massive field with lots of techniques and methods that can be utilised, but which to use and why is very much dependant on the company within which they are applied.

answered Dec 8 '11 at 21:52
Lloyd S
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  • +1 Lloyd S: When you say "examining instituition" do you just mean instituition, meaning that the book suffers from being a melting-pot of thousands of peoples thoughts on a subject, or is there something more to what you're saying, and if so would you please explain? Thanks. – Blunders . 12 years ago

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