Branding Problem as a iPhone developer?


Here's the facts:
I'm wanting to start a iPhone business and I currently have an awesome name for the business and a registered domain name but I'm unable to register as a business with the state right now because of financial reasons( Christmas and all ). I have an iPhone app that I need to get out, so I can't wait until I have the money to register my business with the state to release it. So, I've registered as an individual iPhone developer, but I would still like to build my brand somehow.

I'm trying to figure out or if I can build the brand of the business( just a name and website atm ) and still have the app released under my actual name.

Also, I'm wondering if I should just skip the business branding idea( because of financial reasons, like stated earlier ) and build the brand of my actual name.

Anyways, any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


asked Dec 2 '09 at 05:47
Joey Green
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  • Apple shouldn't care if the business name is registered or not. – Coder Dennis 14 years ago
  • Thanks to all the responses. The answers I recieved is exactly why I posted the question here and that is to figure out what I do not know. I never knew what a DBA was before this post, so that you all for your suggestion. Now I just need Apple to let me change me from an individual to a business! – Joey Green 14 years ago
  • How did it go for you? Do we know the iPhone app? :) – User3298 13 years ago

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In my opinion you should start building your business's brand now. At least get the website up and get your app out there and get some people using it and talking about it. Here is an idea that you may like to try. Find some bloggers who are interested in iPhone apps and let them preview your app and hopefully write a review on their site. Also don't forget to register your business name on twitter and facebook.

answered Dec 2 '09 at 06:21
Montana Flynn
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Check to see if you can create a DBA (doing business as) in your town or county. I registered for something like $35 for my iPhone dev business (I did not want to use my other entity which is a different business)

I suggest NOT using your personal name with the iPhone program. You should be able to come up with $20 to $100 for a business license. Even if you have to work shoveling snow or mowing lawns for a weekend.

Note - a DBA application/process takes very little time and very small amounts of money. There is no reason not to, at the very least, register with a DBA. Apple accepts these - I know because I got approved. I printed the form from online for my county, mailed it in and got a business license within a week. It was painless, easy and cheap. It took less than 20 minutes of my time (including going to the post office and dropping off the letter)

You might be able to get your information changed for the developer program or you might have to redo one. Either way, it is worth it in my opinion.

answered Dec 2 '09 at 06:43
Tim J
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  • +1, get the DBA. My wife had a full-blown food business for years with just a DBA. You will probably never need anything else. For reference, it's $6 in Texas. – Jason 14 years ago


Joey, I wouldn't worry about the license or DBA right now. I'd run with your idea, worry about getting a business license/DBA later. If you see you're making some money with this app, then go for it (probably for next year)... but start branding immediately. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

answered Dec 2 '09 at 06:53
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  • A DBA is a 5 minute form - many times online - and perhaps a cost of $35. If he can't make that effort and commitment then I am at a loss. – Tim J 14 years ago
  • I've never heard of this DBA until now. I thought I would have to register a LLC or something which can be $150 - 200 in my state. I'll check it out. – Joey Green 14 years ago
  • What state/town/county? Just call up your local own hall and talk to the clerk there. They should know how to direct you. Do a google search on your county and state (and town) and "doing business as" or "business certificate". – Tim J 14 years ago


First of all I wish you good luck.

Now building a brand requires three things: consistency, time and money (LOTS of it). Therefore, this is my advice:

  • Get the app as soon as possible. In your line of business time is money. DonĀ“t waste any time, and go for it.
  • With the revenues from the application you sell to iPhone (or Google, HMC,...), you may decide to start building a brand.

Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

answered Dec 2 '09 at 08:58
A. Garcia
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  • I'd argue that you don't need money to build a brand. – Tim J 14 years ago
  • To build a brand requires word-of-mouth if nothing else. You can do it cheaply, if you make a good product. – James Black 14 years ago
  • Jeff and Joel arguably created brands with little money - but lots of time. – Tim J 14 years ago


Joey, please read the page under "startup branding" on my blog armanarami[dot]com. Believe me I am not pushing my blog but as I mention there branding is an activity that happens regardless of you consciously choosing to do it or not. Once you launch your app. into the market, the market will automatically start its branding process. Now its your choice to control that impression that is branded in the minds of the audience. I also have to say that building a professional brand these days those not take a lot of money.

answered Dec 2 '09 at 12:01
Arman Arami
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