IS .com is better than other extension ? How?

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Statement - 1) Many peoples says that .com is better domain extension than other extension like .org, .net, .info, .gov , .in etc. According to them .com extension works better for SEO purpose and get good SERP results over search engine.

Statement - 2) Other peoples says that domain extension does not matter for SEO. Only create quality content, unique content, Good coded site with less errors. Good service o

Now i am confused what is right to do or what is wrong. I want to create a site on directory submission service but the domain is already registered by someone else that is if I take, .us, .ca etc. I belongs to india but i don't want to startup my site for india only. the project is for globally customers.

Now Above (starting two statement that i researched on net from many days i got these two conclusion. But still i am not clear about right answers.)

CAn anyone provide me right answer with authentic proof of Google or something else. Thanks

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asked Oct 25 '12 at 18:50
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TThis is actually a misconception. Although .com sites tend to rank better than other extensions sites, it has nothing to do with the extension; it tends to be down to good content & overall SEO. there is a good article about it here

answered Oct 25 '12 at 22:33
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I don't have any proof as of now but i have been doing SEO for sometime now and i can tell you some basic things which are tried and tested and have worked for me. Firstly the name extension does matter on the SEO of your site for example if you take ".in" then probably your site will get listed for indian business much high that when making an international search.

for example:-
.uk, .edu etc are usually taken by business in UK and educational institutions respectively thus the search engine trains itself to put these domains on a higher ranking on searches containing UK or education.

Though I must also say that most important things in an SEO is the "content" of your website i.e. its got to be unique and etc.. and how its SEO is done. These are the most important factors which will completely dominate the whole process rest of the things are just small add-ons. If i am in your position i would rather not worry about the domain extension but instead look for which keywords i ant to come up and how can i beat my competitors on those keywords.

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I'd say the only real advantage to having a .com is not SEO, but just that it's easier for people to remember. If the TLD isn't part of s service's brand then people will just assume ".com". So if your site says "High PR Submission List" everywhere, then people who've visited your site once will remember it as "High PR Submission List", then if they want to come back later then unless they've bookmarked it they'll go to your competitor because they just type the thing they remembered followed by ".com". Perhaps they won't even realise they've gone somewhere else, they'll just assume you've done a redesign.

It's worth noting that even some people who started off using domains and using the TLD as part of the brand have moved over to .com since - for example, moved to, moved to, moved to, and so on.

answered Oct 26 '12 at 00:19
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.COM is surely popular but that doesn't mean that its better. classified extensions like .IN, .ORG etc are taking place in the market. + talking about SEO, I believe that content is king. Make your product cool, make your visitors happy and that's what will help you in getting good results from your website (Users are the real goal for a website, right??).

One place where .COM helps is that its easy to remember for your users given its the most popular one. And when it comes about being a product global, I don't think it will affect google's mind, but it surely will effect users' mind. Being an indian user, I don't visit much .UK or .LY sites. Thats the deal.

Another thing, If you take a .in domain for a name which's .com is owned by someone else, there is strong possibility that that company has copyrighted its name. Check that before going forward, else you can be sued for this.

When it comes about making a global website, I'd suggest first go local and classified. It will be easy and cheaper for you to promote your website and the biggest benefit is that you will get a chance to verify your idea and strategy before you burn all your savings on this.

answered Oct 25 '12 at 20:46
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