What companies will need products based on Android tablets, in-app payments, NFC?


I am looking to understand how to find companies which might be interested in my consulting / programming services. Of course I don't want to compete with existing small companies or freelancers. Hence it would be good to find a new niche and offer services on that market.

Android tablets, in-app payments, NFC are new things so I guess there are chances that some companies will need programming services in these fields.

What kind of companies will need products based on these technologies?

NFC is already used in public transport - small payments. Companies which publish educational materials should be interested in tablets. What are you bets?

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asked Apr 5 '11 at 06:21
Greg Dan
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The first good question to ask yourself when you find an unserved market is "Why is this market unserved?". There's a high probability that markets without competition are markets where there might be no money for you. So I wouldn't try to avoid competition. Competition is good because it means there's money there, and if you can improve the process, focus on a particular unaddressed problem, or improve the experience, you have a chance to make money. There are already paying customers around.

That said, government or enterprise business might seem attractive based on the poor quality solutions available in those fields, however they're impossibly hard to get into as a small company.

answered Apr 5 '11 at 07:12
Mircea Grelus
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Every day on this website there are energetic and enthusiastic souls looking for a programmer that will trade equity for a programming partner to help them convert their "money-printing" idea to the next big thing.

They all could use your consulting/programming services. As you are building your business you might consider evaluating and choosing one of these project you will work on. Pick one that has connections and networks that will help your business goal.

There are lots of website that advertise projects that companies need a freelance programmer for this project or another. Each of those projects is the tip of an iceberg. Successfully deliver and up-sell and you will have a new client in need of your skills.

The consulting programming industry is a B2B market dominated by networking as the primary business development strategy. I would start with the connections on your LinkedIn and start getting the word out that you are looking for referrals of people that have projects.

I would be as specific as possible in what you are seeking. You are doing a good job if people respond "This isn't exactly what you are looking for but. . . . "

And on the target of who wants Android Apps, and In-App Payment, and NFC. Everyone who has an e-commerce site without a corresponding application? Everyone who has an application without in-app payment? And that sounds like a tremendous amount of "near-freezing"-calling!

Perhaps you could distribute a white paper about the benefit of In-App payment that you circulate with information about contacting you to add it to an existing application?

Hope there is something there to work with!

answered Apr 5 '11 at 07:15
Joseph Barisonzi
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Once again, what Joseph said. I would extend it to be anyone who has an good iphone app that hasn't come out with an Android app equivalent yet ... knock on the door and offer.

BTW If they are interest in Windows Mobile 7 version we are happy to work out something with you :)

answered Apr 5 '11 at 14:34
Robin Vessey
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