Corporate credit without putting CEO as a personal guarantor?


Looks like a lot of things have changed, since I've had to look for this last time.
Right some of us have corporate credit cards at our company, but all of them have my CEO as a personal guarantor. After the latest round my CEO is no longer majority shareholder, so it no longer makes sense to keep the personally guaranteed cards.

My usual suspects Amex and Citi need personal guarantors until we reach $4MM in revenue (we are not there just yet). Do you know of any corporate cards that would let me get my CEO off the hook?

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asked Jan 31 '11 at 05:16
Apollo Sinkevicius
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There is no easy way around this. Even if you have great Corporate credit most creditors will require a human backer for loans for real estate, autos, and even big lines of credit.

This guarantor does not always have to be an officer of your company, although that is usually the case. Most of the time it doesn't have to be your CEO, and can be any officer (CFO is most common).

A few years ago a big trend was to sell shelf companies with established corporate credit. You can use a shelf corporation (a corporate shell that is no longer doing business, but still on file), for easy ways to access financial accounts, get a head-start on corporate credit, access to markets (specifically pink sheets and smaller exchanges). A shelf company can cost from 1k to 100+k depending on the value it offers.

answered Jan 31 '11 at 17:43
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