How to design / mockup a business plan?


Is there any software like Balsamiq Mockups to have a mockup of your business plan?
I need to show the how things will work as a biz plan instead of how things will work on the website.

As far as I saw in their page it's only about the website or applications.

Thank you.

Business Plan

asked Nov 9 '11 at 01:39
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  • Excel is good at this kind of thing. – Steve Jones 12 years ago

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You're looking for a "business plan template".

Both SCORE and the Small Business Association have templates available.

Sequoia Capital offers a guide and outline to what they look for in a business plan as well: Update: One of the best new tools in recent years is the business model canvas, a one-page view of all the key pieces of your business model:

In lean startups, it's meant to be an evolving document that helps you keep track of the assumptions under each category that you are testing.

answered Nov 9 '11 at 03:20
Jay Neely
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  • SCORE looks like a great tool to get something put together quickly. Thanks for that share. – Mike Nereson 12 years ago


I am struggling to imagine how you could apply the idea of something like balsamiq to a business plan - can you elaborate?

Are you looking at something like Outline viewing in Word where you can 'sketch' out your organisation of your document

Or something like mind mapping?

answered Nov 9 '11 at 02:26
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  • Basically yes, I am looking for something that it will help me to sketch my plan. I will try your suggestions. – Nikolai 12 years ago

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